Information and Consultancy Service

•    We provide you with personal presentation, introduction and information session following the interview with you during the decision-making process. We answer all your enquiries about all stages including the processes, methods and costs beginning from your departure from Turkey all the way to your arrival, with the information given by us and our units in the U.S.A.
•    Our specialized staff thrives to fulfill all of its commitments in accordance with an understanding of professional service through the entire process. Our team in the U.S.A. are all Turkish and U.S. professionals.
•    You will also need to get your visa as soon as you decide traveling to the U.S.A. US Consulates and embassies require the applicants to make their visa applications in person. The visa you will apply is Tourist Visa.

Prerequisites for Expectant Mothers

•    First of all, the expectant mothers who have a healthy pregnancy period must obtain travel visa, which is valid for the period of travel.
•    32nd and 34th weeks of the pregnancy prior to your travel are the most appropriate periods. Long-haul flights are not permitted after the 36th week, as per the International aviation rules.
•   Required tests: A long list of tests should be completed in order for our doctors in the U.S.A. to admit you. If you wish, we undertake to perform and follow up the tests which you will have to see your doctor a few times, with the exclusive advantage we offer you. Thanks to the advantage of being in the board of directors of the hospital, we follow up any missing tests in person with our doctors at the hospital, relieving you of the burden in this process, which may sound a bit complicated for you. You will have to keep your medical check reports and laboratory results for your pregnancy with you at all time when you travel to the U.S.A. Your doctor in the U.S.A. may repeat the tests as he/she consider necessary or request your pregnancy report before you arrive.