Your child becomes a U.S. citizen by birth.

•    When your child becomes a U.S. citizen, you, as the parents, will have the opportunity to become a U.S. citizen as well.

•   When your child turns 21, he/she can get you a green card (residence permit).

•    He/she can travel without a visa, as the holder of a U.S. passport. He/she can decide today and fly tomorrow.

•    He/she can get free education in the U.S.A. and get scholarship from many universities as he/she is not a foreign student.

•    As he/she can enroll in any school and university without taking any exam or without mush effort, via the foreign student placement system, he/she can attend the schools at which only the students with a foreign passport study.

•    He/she can enjoy the social and financial benefits that U.S. citizens have and live in the same level of welfare.

•    All of his/her rights will survive since he/she is both a U.S. and Turkish citizen.